ID-Pak by Shat Tech

Company Name:
Shat Tech

The greatest ID and card holder in the world

John Shattuck started Shat Tech in 1993 and is the inventor of the ID-Pak. John started out importing the ID-Pak, but was looking for a reliable domestic source. He came to us in 2009 looking for a local manufacturer for his products and we have been producing ID-Paks ever since.

The ID-Pak by Shat-tech is a small ID Holder made from ballistic nylon and clear plastic windows.

Because of the small size and need for tight tolerances, the ID-Pak is Die cut.

Each ID-Pak has many pockets and slits and getting everything to line up is sometimes a trick.
The top of each pocket is hemmed then sewn to the main body layer by layer. Once each side is made the two sides are then bound together.

At this point custom embroidery can be added then a lanyard is sewn in to finish the product.


Shat Tech made this nice video showing the ID-Pak in use,  and being built in our shop.

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